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Logo von Anni von Annisbuntewelt
Developed with ingredient expert

Developed together with bioanalyst Anni from " Annis Bunte Welt "

Vegan und natürlich Icon von Naturkosmetikunternehmen das boep
Vegan & fragrance-free

Careful selection of hypoallergenic ingredients, no fragrances

Dermatest Siegel das boep
Skin compatibility "very good"

Confirmed by independent dermatologists on sensitive skin

Cosmos Natural Siegel das boep
Certified natural cosmetics

Made in the Allgäu from high-quality, natural ingredients

boep-Gründerin und Ärztin Michaela Hagemann und Anni von Annisbuntewelt

Anni meets boep

Experts for very sensitive skin

In 2020, founder Michaela met Anni from AnnisBunteWelt (bioanalyst and influencer) at an organic trade fair and when Anni told her about her son's neurodermatitis skin, the idea of ​​developing a joint cream was quickly born.

As a bioanalyst and professional influencer, Anni has a high level of expertise in cosmetic ingredients and shares this with her community every day. She advised boep founder and doctor Michaela on the selection of ingredients, tested the samples with her and worked on them until the perfect recipe was found.

boep med Serie pflegebad basiscreme wundcreme und balsam für sehr empfindliche Haut und Neurodermitis

Natural cosmetics meets

Medical skin care

A care range for very sensitive problem skin that avoids potentially allergenic substances but relies entirely on natural active ingredients sounds too good to be true? You'll find exactly that with us! Certified natural cosmetics can also be clean and reduced, without fragrances and still feel wonderfully light and yet rich on the skin.


Frequently asked questions about our med series.

Who is the basic cream suitable for?

Our basic cream is a very moisturizing cream that is ideal for dry skin . You can use it on your face as well as on dry areas all over your body. It is also suitable as basic care for skin affected by neurodermatitis - in this case you should use the cream continuously and ideally twice a day.

What are the main ingredients of the base cream?
  • Rich evening primrose oil (5%) from controlled organic cultivation
  • moisturizing, vegetable glycerin
  • Vitamin E (tocopherol)

The main ingredient in O/W (oil in water) creams is water. In order to combine the oils and water, so-called emulsifiers are needed. You can find these in our ingredients (e.g. glyceryl stearate, cetearyl alcohol ).
Plant-based, antimicrobial ingredients (e.g. sodium levulinate ) are used as preservatives , and vitamin E also has a preservative effect. Our vitamin E is obtained from glycine soya extract , which is separately listed as an ingredient.

Is the base cream comedogenic?

Comedo.. what? I'm sure most readers here are asking themselves. :)
In fact, we are often asked this question, referring to creams that promote the formation of blackheads (skin impurities). Some manufacturers advertise with the statement "non-comedogenic" and the absence of greasy oils (especially mineral oils) that clog the pores. This term is not protected and, in our opinion, is misleading because nobody knows exactly what it means. We get good feedback on the use of the base cream from customers with impure skin that is also dry in some places. Please take a look at the reviews of the base cream on the product page.

Why is it always called "basic cream" or "basic care"?

The terms basic cream and basic care are terms used in the treatment of neurodermatitis. If you have neurodermatitis, regular and continuous basic care is recommended at all stages of treatment. Basic care means that you give the skin plenty of moisture in order to strengthen the damaged skin barrier and at least delay the occurrence of further flare-ups. Here you will find 5 tips for basic care for neurodermatitis .

How do I know if I have neurodermatitis?

Atopic dermatitis, also known as neurodermatitis, is a common, chronic skin disease that usually occurs in childhood. It manifests itself in bouts of rashes and very dry, sometimes flaky skin. The disease disrupts the skin barrier and causes the skin to lose fluid. The main symptom is intense itching.

You can find more details here .

What is the difference between med wound cream and baby wound cream?

First of all, the similarities: both use zinc oxide as a base.

Our new med wound cream is suitable for irritated, slightly inflamed skin all over the body - and is also effective, for example, on torn cuticles or slightly weeping eczema.

The baby wound cream is specially developed for the diaper rash area and contains marigold to soothe reddened baby bottoms. Marigold (Calendula) is a natural power ingredient that we love, but there are children with very sensitive skin who are allergic to this ingredient. That's why it's best to decide which cream is best for you based on your skin type.

  • Baby bath oil is the ideal bath additive for newborns. It has a pleasantly light scent without overpowering the natural baby scent, spreads effortlessly in the water and gently cares for your baby's skin. A few drops in the bath water or in the wash basin are enough - together with a washcloth or muslin cloth, it is also an environmentally friendly alternative to wet wipes. Additional care is generally not necessary for newborns .
  • The med care bath is a bath additive for very sensitive skin, which was developed especially for basic care for children whose skin is affected by neurodermatitis. It can protect the skin from further loss of fluids during bathing through natural oils and squalane and thus counteract dry skin.
What is squalane and how does it work?

Vegetable squalane is a great ingredient in natural cosmetics, and we have summarized its effects for you in a blog post . You can find it here .

How often can I use the med care bath if I have neurodermatitis?

If you have been diagnosed with neurodermatitis, you should avoid frequent bathing , as the skin loses more fluids while bathing. If you do want to bathe, you can use our med care bath to reduce further fluid loss. You can read all the information about bathing with neurodermatitis here .

Which ingredients should I avoid if I have very sensitive skin?

If you have very sensitive skin and/or suffer from neurodermatitis or rosacea, you should avoid trigger factors that cause flare-ups of the disease. Fragrances and lanolin, also known as wool wax, can be trigger factors as they have an increased allergy potential. Parabens, plasticizers and sulfates are also not tolerated. You can find all the details here!

Are you looking for vegan care products for your children, a birth gift for your pregnant friend or skin care with natural ingredients for very sensitive skin? In all cases you have come to the right place!

Natural cosmetics for the whole family

Our care series offers high-quality, certified natural cosmetics for young and old that give your skin what it needs, tailored to your individual needs. If you are looking for a baby oil for your baby's sensitive skin, you will find it with our almond oil . If you are looking for cool-looking care products for your older children, for example a natural easy-combing spray for relaxed combing of long hair, take a look at our kids series . boep products represent the perfect combination of quality, a pleasantly light scent and modern design. Of course, you can also find fragrance-free products without perfume for sensitive skin . In any case, the skin compatibility of all products was confirmed as “very good” by independent dermatologists.

Made in Germany

Our care products are created with great care by our founder Dr. med. Michaela Hagemann, herself a mother of three children and a doctor, developed for you and your loved ones and produced in collaboration with a smaller producer in the Allgäu. Quality, safety and sustainability are the focus. Compared to large private labels, we still produce in small quantities, source our raw materials from long-standing partners and ensure maximum conformity with the COSMOS Natural Standard.

Loving gift ideas

Why do we think our boep gifts are perfect for expectant moms & dads, newborns or baby showers? Because they are pretty, sustainable and special. Pretty because they are lovingly hand-packaged by us and arrive to you in great gift boxes. Our gift sets are sustainable because, firstly, they are packed in a reusable box made from recycled paper or our textiles made from organic cotton and secondly, the products are simply used up. Finally, you don't give away the fifteenth cuddly toy or the obsolete pair of socks that then lie in the closet forever. Make your loved ones, your acquaintances or colleagues happy with our meaningful gift ideas and see for yourself!


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