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Dr. med. Michaela Hagemann Gründeirn und Ärztin von das boep

As Dr. When Michaela Hagemann became a mother, she was looking for suitable care products for her newborn daughter. The ingredients should be naturally nourishing and the products should be free of synthetic fragrances, mineral oils or parabens. Only natural cosmetics seemed to really implement this consistently - but why did they often have to smell so much like herbal tea?

In short, the young doctor decided to develop her own care range with the help of her brother Tilman and a smaller, renowned natural cosmetics manufacturer from the Allgäu region - this is how the baby oil project , or boep for short, was born.

family business

Founded in 2015 by siblings Michaela and Tilman

Expert team

consisting of a doctor, midwife, educator and many young parents

Flexible working

Better compatibility of care and employment

Focus on sustainability

Vegan natural cosmetics - made in Allgäu, Germany

Baby auf dem Wickeltisch das boep

The doctor carefully selected ingredients that she knew were suitable for sensitive baby skin. The project took off: mother friends helped her choose the subtle scent, beautiful gift sets with high-quality organic textiles were created and sustainable packaging was selected. Independent dermatologists confirmed the skin compatibility of the newly developed products as “very good”. When designing the logo and the website, the baby oil project finally became “ das boep ”.

Teamfoto von Naturkosmetikunternehmen das boep

Like Michaela's daughter, boep has grown from its infancy and is now based in Mainz with motivated employees. Our product range now includes products for the whole family: mineral sun creams, solid products, maternity care, kids hair care and a medical skin care range for very sensitive skin.


Get to know our team!

Charlotte - Hebamme von das boep


Community Manager

Content creation

Melanie - Brand Managerin von das boep



Performance, Amazon

Leonie - Influencer Marketing und Kooperationen bei das boep


Influencers & Press
Mom of one daughter

Collaborations, press

Lina - Grafikerin bei das boep

Lina Maria

Graphic designer & educator
Mom of two daughters

Content creation

Katharina - Marketing & Versand bei das boep


marketing & Distribution
Mom of two boys

B2B, trade fairs

Anna - IT und Operations bei das boep


Shop management
Mom of two

IT, Operations

Ann-Katrin - Social Media bei das boep

Ann Katrin

Social media
Performance marketing

Instagram, ads

Leoni - Newsletter Marketing und SEO bei das boep


Performance marketing

Newsletters, blogs, ads

Jessika - Influencer Marketing bei das boep


Influencer marketing
Mom of one daughter

Affiliates, collaborations

Michaela Hagemann - Ärztin und Gründerin von das boep


Founder, CEO & Doctor
Mom of three daughters

Product development

Tilmann Kreuder - Gründer und CEO von das boep


Founder & CEO
Dad of two daughters



online marketing

Meike - Packraum und Logistik bei das boep


Packing room & logistics
Mom of two


Svea - Packraum und Logistik bei das boep


Packing room & logistics
Mom of two

currently on parental leave

Jennifer - Performance Marketing bei das boep


Packing room & office management



Working student

Packing room


Working student

Packing room

Hanna - Social Media bei das boep


Working student

Social media

Little boep time travel

Accompany us through our company history!

Gründung das boep GmbH in München

Michaela and Tilman founded das boep GmbH, based in Munich. Move into a small office in Maxvorstadt.

Naturkosmetik boep Produkte mit altem Logo
First online shop

On December 1st, 2015, the self-built Shopify online shop goes live with 5 baby products, 5 sample sizes and some gift sets.

Naturkosmetik Unternehmen das boep feiert Start bei dm Deutschland
Start in Germany

In September 2017 you suddenly found 4 boep products in the baby shelf at dm Germany. A huge reason for us to celebrate!

Michaela Hagemann nach dem Umzug von das boep nach Mainz
Move to Mainz

With the birth of her second daughter, Michaela moves to Mainz and the boep moves with her. New premises were found quickly and the team now works remotely from Mainz, Düsseldorf and Munich.

Foto aus dem Packraum bei Naturkosmetik Unternehmen das boep
NEW: sunscreen

The newly launched mineral sunscreen ensures a rush of orders for months. So we pack orders as much as we can and everyone helps!

Bild vom Homeoffice von das boep
Home office for everyone

The global pandemic is forcing us to work from home for months. Never mind, we also have a lot of fun in our meetings remotely! We are launching products for adults and our shampoo bar .

Teamfoto von Naturkosmetik Unternehmen das boep
Back in the office

After turbulent months, we are happy that we can meet again and take the opportunity for a nice team photo! We are constantly expanding our product range.

Teamfoto von Naturkosmetik Unternehmen das boep nach Umzug ins neue Mainzer Büro
Moving to our headquarters

In Barbarossaring 27 we finally find enough space for our growing logistics. The kids series is launched, the first calendar for pregnant women comes onto the market - and we throw a proper housewarming party!

Foto von boep-Gründerin Michaela und Anni von Annisbuntewelt
NEW: med series

Together with Anni from Annis Bunte Welt, we are launching our medical skin care for extra sensitive skin and are delighted that it has been so well received!

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