What we stand for

As a brand for certified natural cosmetics, we place the highest value on quality and sustainability. Here we tell you how we actually implement this and give you insights into our production!

Mutter mit Kind beim Fotoshooting von das boep Naturkosmetik

We think you have great skin!

And great skin doesn't take much. That's why we only use carefully selected, natural ingredients for our certified recipes. For healthy skin - for a lifetime!



This big word means a lot to us. We have therefore attached great importance to these points for our products from the very beginning:

  • Smaller production site in Germany
  • Raw materials from long-term partners
  • Development according to the strict guidelines for certified natural cosmetics
  • Vegan recipes (without beeswax or wool wax (lanolin))
  • No outer packaging (it just ends up in the trash)
  • Recyclable tubes and bottles*
  • Climate-neutral shipping with DHL GoGreen
Meike aus dem Packraum von das boep

Thoughtful & loving

But sustainability is not only important to us at the product level. We do everything in our company to do business sensibly and sustainably. From the recycled shipping boxes to our packaging materials - all decisions are made carefully by our small team. Our in-house logistics lovingly packs your orders by hand.

Cosmos Natural Siegel das boep

Certified natural cosmetics

Dermatest Siegel das boep

Skin compatibility “very good”

Vegan und natürlich Icon von Naturkosmetikunternehmen das boep

Vegan skin care

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Climate-neutral shipping

How is a care product actually created?

We'll show you - using our care shower as an example!

Michaela Hagemann - Ärtzin und Gründerin von das boep
Development & Testing

First we have an idea. Then, long before production, Michaela works with the laboratory on the perfect recipe, selecting ingredients, scents, consistencies and packaging. And now it's time to test, test, test!

Tilman Kreuder - Gründer und CEO von das boep mit Warnweste im Lager
Endless paperwork

Placing a cosmetic product on the market in the EU is subject to strict regulations. Stability tests, a germ load test (KBT) , if necessary. Special tests (e.g. SPF) and a safety assessment are carried out before production takes place.

Ansatz der Charge von das boep Naturkosmetik
approach of the batch

The first step is preparing the approach. Some ingredients need to rest for some time. In the care shower, the ingredients are stirred by an oversized mixer.

das boep Pflegedusche auf der Produktionsstraße

Here we go! The tubes roll into the filling plant with the top open, where they are filled, sealed and then tumble out again. The whole thing happens pretty quickly and looks really impressive!

Pflegedusche von das boep
Packaging & Shipping

Now the products are filled by hand into boxes of 6 each, then they make their way to us in Mainz. Our packing team will happily await them here and quickly pack them - so that they reach you quickly!

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So produzieren wir

Hier könnt Ihr Euch die Produktion der Pflegedusche als Video anschauen:

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