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Are you looking for vegan skincare for your children, a maternity gift for your pregnant friend or natural skincare for very sensitive skin? You have come to the right place!

Natural cosmetics for all the family

Our skincare range offers high quality, certified natural cosmetics for young and old that give your skin what it needs, tailored to your individual needs. If you are looking for a baby oil for your baby's sensitive skin, look no further than our almond oil. If you are looking for cool-looking care products for your older children, such as a natural easy-comb spray for relaxed combing of long hair, take a look at our kids range. boep products are the perfect combination of quality, pleasant light fragrance and modern design. Of course, there are also fragrance-free products without perfume for sensitive skin. In any case, the skin compatibility of all products has been confirmed as 'very good' by independent dermatologists.

Made in Germany

Our care products are developed with great care by our founder Dr. med. Michaela Hagemann, herself a mother of three and a doctor, for you and your loved ones, and produced in collaboration with a small manufacturer in the Allgäu region of Germany. The focus is on quality, safety and sustainability. Compared to large private labels, we still produce in small quantities, source our raw materials from long-standing partners and ensure maximum compliance with the COSMOS Natural Standard.

Lovely gift ideas

Why do we think our boep gifts are perfect for expectant mums & dads, newborns or baby showers? Because they are beautiful, sustainable and special. Pretty because they are lovingly hand-packed by us and come to you in beautiful gift boxes. Sustainable because they come in a reusable box made from recycled paper or our organic cotton textiles, and because the products are simply used up. After all, you're not giving away the fifteenth cuddly toy or the obsolete pair of socks that will sit in the closet forever. Make your loved ones, friends or colleagues happy with our thoughtful gift ideas and see for yourself!