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Newborn care tips

Your baby's skin is unique: soft to the touch and with a natural, incomparable scent. However, it is also susceptible to external influences. This is because it is thinner than adult skin and its protective barrier has yet to mature. We therefore recommend that you only use the products that baby's skin really needs. I - dr Michaela Hagemann - I am the founder of das boep and a doctor and I would like to give you a few tips for newborn care today.


In the Baby and newborn care Less is often more - many different care products are not necessary. When choosing care, one should pay attention to the fact that the proportion natural ingredients is high.

almond oil , Olive Oil and Shea Butter are much more similar to human skin than mineral oils, paraffins, parabens & Co. As a result, they penetrate much deeper into the skin and provide long-lasting care instead of just lying on the skin and giving the appearance of well-groomed skin.


At the very beginning, your baby only needs a few care products. Washing with lukewarm water and a soft towel is sufficient. Once the umbilical cord has fallen off, the newborn can be bathed occasionally. We recommend adding a few drops of natural bath oil or breast milk to the water.

Many babies love to be bathed. However, the often calcareous water can dry out the delicate skin. Skin that is already dry is sometimes additionally stressed when bathing. We therefore recommend simply adding a few drops of the baby bath oil s to put in the bath water. The combination of jojoba oil and almond oil spreads easily in the bath water, has a moisturizing effect and cares for the skin in a completely natural way.

The baby cream from das boep for newborn care with almond oil and shea butter for dry skin


For skin care after the bath is a small massage ideal with almond oil . It has a relaxing effect and keeps your baby's skin velvety soft without leaving an oily film. It absorbs faster than olive oil, for example (careful, slippery baby!) and spreads wonderfully.

Get to know your baby's skin first and see if it needs special care. It's not uncommon for babies to dry hands or cheeks get or one sore bottom Even then, it is best to care for the skin in the most gentle and natural way possible – all as needed.

If the baby's skin is dry or rough in some areas, a rich one will help Baby cream the regeneration. As a classic care cream with shea butter and calendula, the boep baby cream moisturizes and cares for the skin over the long term.

For baby almond oil from das boep for newborn care and baby massage


baby almond oil can as well Cleaning the diaper area to be used. A few drops of natural almond oil Place in a bowl of water and moisten a cloth or washcloth with it.

If baby's bottom is irritated and sore, a zinc-based cream often works wonders. The boep wound cream with marigold oil, zinc oxide and organic olive oil promotes wound healing and creates a natural moisture barrier. With its light consistency, it spreads wonderfully - a blessing, especially for sore skin.

Are you just pregnant or a new parent?

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Our tip

For the first few weeks

We have put together the set " Baby's first weeks ", which contains all the care products you need in the first weeks and months:

Baby Erstausstattung Set von das boep

I am convinced by the overall package of natural ingredients, beautiful packaging and a great scent. Added to that is the trust in founder Michaela as a doctor and mother of two. With das boep I am sure that I am doing something good for my baby.

Alexa von Heyden, author


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