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When do you use which sun protection factor?

How important sun protection is is no longer a secret. But the painful redness caused by sunburn does not only increase the risk of skin cancer or promote premature skin aging in adults. Sufficient sun protection is also a top priority for little ones, babies and children. There is often a great deal of uncertainty as to which sun protection factor (SPF) is the right one for children and adults. We are also often asked how long one can stay out in the sun and how to apply sunscreen. Therefore, in this article, we explain what you need to consider to protect yourself and your child optimally.


The sun protection factor on sun protection products gives the measure for the Intensity of the protective effect against ultraviolet B rays (UVB rays) and the UVA rays at. UVB rays are short-wave and are responsible for the nasty sunburn. UVA rays, on the other hand, are long-wave and essentially responsible for skin aging. That means: It shows you how much longer you can stay in the sun with sun protection than without.*

*There are numerous abbreviations describing sun protection factor, but naming the same thing: F: Factor, SPF: Sun Protection Factor, SSF: Sun Protection Factor, SPF: Sun Protecting Factor, IP: Indice Protection.


When choosing a sunscreen, the choice of sun protection factor is very important. Yours plays here skin type a crucial role. Because your skin's own protection time, i.e. the length of time in which the skin can protect itself from the sun without burning, varies depending on the skin type.

The is generally valid Classification of skin types according to Fitzpatrick (American dermatologist, first description 1975):

skin type 1 skin type 2 skin type 3 skin type 4 skin type 4 skin type 5
Skin color

paler/ very bright

bright light brown complexion brown complexion dark complexion very dark complexion
hair color often reddish often blonde darkblond/
light brown
brown black black
sunburn direct fast rarely rarely rarely very rare
about 15 minutes about 20 minutes about 30 minutes about 40 minutes about 60 minutes about 90 minutes
Recommended SPF 30-50 20-50 15-20 10-15 4-8 4-8

The following applies here:

Sun protection factor (SPF) x self-protection time of the skin type (in minutes) = maximum time in the sun (in minutes)

Using the example of sunscreen with a sun protection factor of 30, this means that the sunscreen prolongs the self-protection of light skin, which is around 10 minutes, by a factor of 30, i.e. 10 minutes x 30 = 300 minutes.

However, the Federal Office for Radiation Protection recommends using a maximum of 60% of the specified protection time. It is important to apply cream regularly, especially after staying in the water or when sweating, so as not to prolong the protection but to maintain it. You should also schedule enough sun breaks to give your skin a rest.

When do you use which sun protection factor?


Babies' and children's skin is particularly sensitive to strong sunlight, as it is usually thinner than adult skin . This means that the protective mechanisms against radiation are not yet mature and the skin stem cells in children are also much closer to the surface. The The self-protection time of babies and children can therefore only be a few minutes. A sufficient sun protection factor of at least 30 is therefore very important. Babies in their first year of life in particular should not be exposed to direct sunlight.

We therefore recommend that you always cover your skin with sufficient UV clothing, hats and parasols. ⇢ Click here for more tips and recommendations on sun protection for babies and children. 


In addition to choosing the right sunscreen, it is important to apply sunscreen to all areas of the skin that are exposed to the sun. The focus should be on the forehead, nose, ears and shoulders. In the evening, you should wash off the sunscreen and apply a moisturizing lotion if necessary. Our boep baby lotion is suitable for this  with nourishing almond oil and organic marigold extracts , as it soothes the skin and moisturizes it again.

Which sun protection factor for me?


For the sensitive skin of babies and children, but also of adults, we recommend the use of Mineral sunscreens that protect against both UVA and UVB radiation, since the filter does not penetrate the skin but lies on it like a barrier and reflects the sun's rays. As a result, it protects immediately and requires no exposure time. Your sunscreen should ideally be compliant with the Hawaii Reef Law, which bans chemical filters such as oxybenzone, octocrylene, and octinoxate, as these can bleach coral reefs. We recommend one, especially for particularly sensitive skin types, as well as for babies and children  Sunscreen without perfume .

Our sunscreen family has a delicate summer scent and is available with SPF30. Our sunscreen Sensitive without perfume was developed for particularly sensitive skin types and is available with SPF30 and SPF50 .

And now have fun in the sun and don't forget to apply lotion!

To the sun cream family with sun protection factor 30
For sun cream Sensitive with sun protection factor 30
For sun cream Sensitive with sun protection factor 50

Sunscreen family SPF30

For the whole family and vacation

Sunscreen Sensitive SPF30

For particularly sensitive skin

Sunscreen Sensitive SPF50

For the face or the delicate baby skin

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