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Mineral or chemical sunscreens - what's the difference?

Anyone who tends towards a more natural and environmentally friendly alternative when it comes to sun protection should buy mineral sunscreen. But many wonder what the difference is between mineral...

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5 tips for sun protection

A lot can go wrong when it comes to sun protection. For this reason, the doctor and boep founder Dr. Michaela Hagemann has put together her five most helpful tips...

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How do mineral UV filters protect?

Sunscreens are designed to protect our skin from the sun's rays. This requires reliable UV filters, which can be roughly divided into two groups: conventional, chemical UV filters and "newer",...

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When do you use which sun protection factor?

How important sun protection is is no longer a secret. But the painful redness caused by sunburn does not only increase the risk of skin cancer or promote premature skin...

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Pregnancy in summer: tips from Dr. Renate Kirschner

The sun is shining and many friends and acquaintances are happy about the beautiful, sunny spring and the upcoming summer. But for many summer pregnant women and new moms, the...

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Baby care in summer: Interview with Dr. Renate Kirschner

Summer, sun,... sunburn? Of course, we and our children can do without that. As beautiful as summer is, the great heat often raises a few questions: What is the right...

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