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5 tips for sun protection

A lot can go wrong when it comes to sun protection. For this reason, the doctor and boep founder Dr. Michaela Hagemann has put together her five most helpful tips on the subject of sun protection and sun care for you. How long can babies be in the sun? How to avoid sunburn in the little ones? Which UV filter do you recommend? And what else is there to consider when it comes to sun protection for babies and children? In this article you will find the answers!

Summer is here and many of us are looking forward to the sunny weather - whether at home in the garden, out and about in the city or when travelling. Nevertheless, we should not underestimate the effect of UV rays on the skin and pay attention to adequate sun protection, especially for babies and children.

The Babies and children's skin is thinner than that of adults and has less UV self-protection. This means that they tend to get sunburned more quickly. repeated Sunburns in childhood should be avoided at all costs , because they increase the risk of developing skin cancer in later years. This is why adequate sun protection for babies and children especially important.

In order to still be able to enjoy holidays and hot summer days with your little ones, founder, doctor and mum Michaela gives her five most important tips on the subject of sun protection for babies and children.


What is the difference between UV filters and which UV filter is recommended for baby sun creams? Mineral UV filters do not penetrate the skin and interact less with the skin than chemical or synthetic UV filters. Therefore, mineral sunscreens are preferable for sun protection for babies and children. Some synthetic or chemical UV filters can have hormonal effects and have undesirable long-term effects. Mineral UV filters (eg zinc oxide, titanium dioxide), on the other hand, lie on the skin like a mirror and reflect the sun's rays. Another advantage: Mineral sunscreens protect immediately after application and do not need any exposure time.


In the first year, your baby should stay in the shade . We recommend a light hat and airy clothing. For the face, hands and feet that peep out from under clothing, you can use a mineral sunscreen with at least LSF30 , but best SPF50 , use.

Sun Protection Tips


For children after the age of one, the right dosage is crucial. The direct midday sun should be avoided . For the time before and after, we recommend a hat and the consistent application of sun protection with at least SPF30 . For a longer stay in the garden, on the beach or in the swimming pool, your child should also wear protective UV clothing. This already protects large parts of the body.


Regular replenishment ensures that not for an extension of protection. Reapplying the sunscreen is particularly important when you sweat heavily or after spending time in water (even with "waterproof" sunscreens). Because even with sun creams that are advertised as "waterproof", the protection can already be reduced by 50% after staying in the water and drying off afterwards.


Overall, your baby or child should be regular Take a break in the shade and particularly intense exposure to the sun (e.g. on air mattresses) must be limited in time. The self-protection of the skin of many children is around 10 minutes, so that with the additional use of sun cream with SPF30 The child should not be in the sun for much more than 5 hours (10 x 30 = 300 minutes, 300/60 = 5 hours) a day without a break.

However, so that you don't despair, the following applies: In the early morning or late evening hours, a child can also stay in the sun for a short time without sun protection , because this is important for the body's own vitamin D synthesis .

In summary : Staying in the sun can be fun for both parents and children, as long as you consistently pay attention to adequate sun protection for babies and children as well as protective clothing.

Sunny greetings from
Michaela | Founder, doctor and mom

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