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That needs a good wind & weather cream

When the temperatures drop with the leaves in autumn, the delicate skin of babies and children, especially on the face and hands, needs intensive care. Many parents then ask themselves: What actually makes a good wind and weather cream? We have summarized helpful tips from founder and doctor Michaela for you.

As soon as the first cool gust of wind heralds the autumn season, parents like to use a particularly protective care product: the wind and weather cream . Although it cares for the skin all year round, in the cold season it protects sensitive skin areas on the face or hands from the cold in a particularly reliable manner. But not every cream is suitable as a so-called cold protection cream or weather protection cream , which is why many parents ask themselves: Which wind and weather cream should I use and what should I consider when buying it? We recommend the following tips to you.

Tip 1: Oil instead of water as the main ingredient

The most important thing is that it is a fat cream acts, ie that the Wind and weather cream for your child is not based on water but on fats and oils. A water-based cream would simply freeze on the skin in extreme cold and achieve the exact opposite of the desired effect. Therefore, "aqua" should only appear at the very end of the list of ingredients.

Tip 2: Natural oils instead of mineral oils, paraffins, parabens & Co.

Many cosmetics and even baby care products use cheap oils and preservatives from the petroleum industry, which are suspected carcinogenic to be. The skin of babies and children is much thinner and vulnerable to the care products that are used - so you should take a close look at the ingredients before you buy them. Natural ingredients such as olive oil, almond oil, cocoa butter and shea butter naturally have a rich care effect, as they are much more similar to human skin with their fat, oil and amino acids and penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin.

The boep baby balm is a wind and weather balm, a natural cold protection cream for delicate children's skin

Our wind and weather cream based on organic olive oil and almond oil and is a reliable weather protection cream for babies and children as it protects sensitive skin from cold and wind. At the same time, it smells heavenly delicate thanks to natural oils.

🌱 Vegan & natural

🥇 Rated "very good" by ÖKO-TEST (Magazine 11/2021)

❌ Without mineral oils, parabens, paraffins, silicones, PEGs

🌿 Controlled natural cosmetics according to the strict guidelines of COSMOS NATURAL

👩🏼‍⚕️ Lovingly developed by a doctor and mom. Made in Germany

Bei das boep habe ich endlich keine Angst mehr etwas falsch zu machen, die zarte Haut meiner Tochter verträgt die Produkte ganz wunderbar. Außerdem wird der natürliche Babygeruch, den wir so lieben, unterstrichen und nicht wegparfümiert. So soll es sein.

Alina Merkau, Moderatorin


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