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Checklist: Sustainable diaper bag

After the baby is born, the diaper bag becomes a constant companion on doctor's visits, shopping trips and walks with the baby. Parents often pack a lot more than is actually necessary. In this blog post you will find out how you can pack your diaper bag in a sustainable and minimalist way with valuable tips from the boep team and a practical checklist .

A well-packed diaper bag is essential for all new parents. For first-time parents in particular, it can be difficult at first to correctly assess what they absolutely must pack in their diaper bag and what can stay at home. It doesn't take much to leave the house for a short time! We give you a short checklist with everything you need to put in a sustainable diaper bag have to pack - because parents already have enough to think about!

1. cheesecloth made from organic cotton

One thing above all else belongs in a sustainable diaper bag: a few useful muslin cloths , preferably made of cotton from controlled organic cultivation. Because muslin cloths are versatile and can be easily reused after they have been properly washed at home. For example, you can use it as a changing mat and convert a second muslin cloth with a little water into a reusable wet wipe. If you don't have a diaper on hand or forgot it at home, a gauze cloth is a great sustainable cloth diaper. Mull cloths are also suitable as a burp cloth or bib for the baby or as a practical nursing pad or privacy screen when breastfeeding for the mother. In summer they provide shade and can be used as a light doily or headscarf for sun protection.


Regardless of the season, you should have a wound protection cream and a baby cream with you. For a more sustainable alternative to wet wipes, you can mix some almond oil with water and moisten a cheesecloth with the oil-water solution to gently and gently clean the diaper area. You can find a small tip from the boep team below.

In summer you should also have a small one suncream with a sun protection factor of at least 30 , but best 50 , carry along. We advise you to use a mineral sunscreen for your baby that is natural and fragrance-free. At cooler temperatures, the delicate baby skin is particularly happy about a natural one Wind and Weather Cream .


A reusable drinking bottle should also be packed in a sustainable diaper bag. Filled with lukewarm water or unsweetened tea, it is always there when your baby wants to drink something. If you do not have access to water when changing diapers, the water from the drinking bottle can be a good emergency solution.


You never know if your baby's good mood will remain as good outside. We therefore recommend that you always take a few sustainable toys with you, which can be put in the mouth and wiped off without hesitation. They are also a great distraction when changing diapers or when you are bored. Tips from the boep team: Wooden gripping rings and teething rings, stacking cups or your favorite cuddly toy.


If your baby spits, gets dirty or the diaper leaks, you are well prepared with a few seasonal changes of clothes in the diaper bag. Always good to have with you: at least one interchangeable body.


If your baby is no longer breastfed or fed, we advise you to always have a few healthy snacks with you in case the visit to the doctor or the walk takes longer. This could be, for example, chopped fruit, fruit bars or small pretzels.


You can also download the packing list for a sustainable and minimalist diaper bag here .

Checklist for the sustainable diaper bag

Tips from the boep team

Katharina from the boep team

water and almond oil mix in advance in a travel spray bottle! This makes changing diapers much easier and faster on the go.

- Catherine

Til from the boep team

For optimal sun protection, I always had the boep to be on the safe side, even in winter Lip balm with SPF20 included!

- Til

Til from the boep team

I always have one on vacation or at home cheesecloth or a washcloth with you – there is water everywhere!

- Leonie

Do you also have a tip for the sustainable diaper bag? Write it in the comments! ⇣

Alina Merkau

Bei das boep habe ich endlich keine Angst mehr etwas falsch zu machen, die zarte Haut meiner Tochter verträgt die Produkte ganz wunderbar. Außerdem wird der natürliche Babygeruch, den wir so lieben, unterstrichen und nicht wegparfümiert. So soll es sein.

Alina Merkau, Moderatorin


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