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Baby care in summer: Interview with Dr. Renate Kirschner

Summer, sun,... sunburn? Of course, we and our children can do without that. As beautiful as summer is, the great heat often raises a few questions: What is the right summer care for babies & children? How much sun can baby skin tolerate? Which sun protection is the right one for me and my child? The expert and publisher of the BabyCare preventive program, Dr. In an interview, Renate Kirschner answered the most important questions about the right summer skin care for babies and children.

How is baby skin different from that of adults and how do I protect it from too much sun?

dr Kirschner: Baby skin has only a reduced ability to sweat and is sensitive to temperature. She also has no self-protection. This means that she cannot protect herself from excessive sun exposure by tanning, as adults can. To avoid damage from UV radiation, you should Therefore, do not expose your baby to direct sunlight . Suitable protection is provided, for example, by hats, sunglasses (with UV protection lenses) and clothing with UV protection. Incidentally, this also applies to shadows: there is still 60% UV exposure!

There are sunscreens with chemical and mineral filters: what's the difference and what do you recommend for babies, pregnant women and breastfeeding women?

These two types of sunscreen differ significantly in how they work. Chemical filters penetrate the skin and mineral filters (eg zinc oxide) lie on the skin. The latter block and reflect solar radiation. This results in a whole clear recommendation to use sunscreen with mineral UV filters for mother and child . In addition, some chemical filters trigger allergies and sometimes act like hormones in the body. Breastfeeding mothers should also avoid this risk and use natural cosmetics.

What can you do if there has been too much sun and the baby's skin is red?

Cooling is best for relieving pain and itching. Cold compresses, cooling gels suitable for children or, for example Marigold ointment is recommended. Also one natural après sun lotion can soothe the skin and then moisturize it again. Your child should drink more water and not be exposed to the sun again immediately, especially if they are sunburned.

! Danger: If the sunburn is so severe that blisters form, never open them. This increases the risk of infection. If you also have a fever, you should see your child see a doctor.

Baby care in summer - tips and tricks

Why do natural care products usually have a better care effect?

If the combination of ingredients and application of the products is right, this naturally increases the care effect. Natural baby oils and Creams without chemical additives, preservatives and perfume are better tolerated by sensitive baby skin and are therefore ideal for baby care. If these are used sparingly and appropriately on the right parts of the body, the baby is optimally protected against environmental influences that stress the skin, as well as the warm temperatures in summer and the cool ones in winter.

Does the skin suffer if it is often in the water? How to take care of them?

On the one hand, it depends on what water the skin comes into contact with. Chlorine water and salt water should be rinsed off after bathing. Baby skin is thinner than that of an adult; Water loss and environmental influences are therefore noticeable much more quickly. Basically, there is nothing wrong with babies having regular baths (2-3 times a week), babies often relax a lot and enjoy this ritual. You can usually do without bath additives. A bathing time of 15 minutes is completely sufficient. After the bath you should dab your baby lightly and remember to dry all parts of the body, including skin folds. Then lotions combined with massages complete the feel-good experience.

dr Renate Kirschner is the publisher of the BabyCare prevention program, which has been providing mothers-to-be with scientifically sound advice for almost 20 years. Together with gynecologists, midwives and paediatricians, she has put together an extensive manual on pregnancy and the guide "999 answers about pregnancy, childbirth and the baby's first year". Pregnant women can also find more tips and exciting articles on the BabyCare Blog .

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