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Summer in Tuscany - tips for holidays with children

Exciting sights, beautiful beaches and plenty of sun - these are just a few of the many reasons why Italy is a great travel destination for summer holidays with children. In this guest post from the estate Tenuta delle Rose in the heart of Tuscany, we not only share three good reasons for this holiday region with you, but also a few tips for your packing list for your family holiday!

Holidays in Italy with children are great fun because you really experience the enthusiasm of the little ones at every turn. Whether it's the beach or sightseeing - in Tuscany the list of things to do with the "bambini" ( Italian for: children ) is very long. Besides, they do three following aspects the Italian region into a particularly child-friendly holiday destination!


The centers of many Tuscan towns are largely traffic-calmed, so there's little reason not to let the kids run around there (while you might still be sitting comfortably in front of a restaurant enjoying your aperitivo). This works particularly well, for example, on the beautiful Piazza del Campo in Siena, around the cathedral and town hall in Florence, but also in smaller towns such as San Gimignano, Pienza or Pietrasanta.


Many of these places have a number of child-friendly sights to offer, which often also include an exciting story: From the starry sky under the dome of the cathedral in Siena, to the monumental Goliath conqueror David in Florence and the leaning tower in Pisa, to the families of San Gimignano, who built medieval “skyscrapers” in competition.


Of course, all the old stones are not nearly as interesting for most children as: il mare ( Italian for: the sea ), at least in summer. The Tuscan beaches , for example in Versilia, are very practical for large stretches for families because they are flat and often have fine sand. And those who have avoided the classic Italian Bagni with their long rows of sun loungers and parasols may now reconsider: With a freshwater shower, changing table and restaurant behind you, life on the beach becomes a whole lot more comfortable. The beaches are fairly accessible from most places in Tuscany, but of course many accommodations also have a pool. Especially the "Agriturismi", i.e. holiday farms, with sometimes more, sometimes less agriculture, rent apartments and offer families the perfect mixture of swimming fun, nature experience and freedom for everyone.

and that must with:

In summer, of course, the classics: sunglasses and hats for everyone, as well as their favorite toys , which sometimes bridge a long drive. The practical travel sizes from das boep provide more space in the luggage, which not only the children can use, but also mum and dad! And of course: sufficient sun protection ! We recommend a mineral sunscreen without chemical UV filters , as it does not harm the marine environment and thus allows safe bathing.

For particularly sensitive skin
Sun Cream Sensitive SPF30 (100 ml)
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The Tenuta delle Rose is the ideal accommodation for a family holiday with children in Tuscany, Italy.

The estate "Tenuta delle Rose" , an agriturismo in Montaione, in the middle of the Pisa-Siena-Florence triangle, has a beautiful pool, a rich breakfast, large, stylishly furnished apartments, a playground and for the little ones basic equipment from travel cots to fall-out protection to offer to the diaper pail. A selection of products from das boep is also available, so that nothing stands in the way of a wonderfully relaxing holiday for everyone. Even in spring and autumn, Tuscany is wonderful and not too hot!

What is your favorite holiday destination with children or babies? Share it with us in the comments!

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