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Tips for basic care for neurodermatitis – what you should pay attention to

Regular basic skin care is particularly important for neurodermatitis, as the disease causes the skin to store insufficient water. With the right basic care, you can reduce skin dryness and thereby relieve itching and prevent further fluid loss. If the skin barrier is intact again through regular care, it is significantly less susceptible to acute flare-ups and superinfections of scratched areas. We therefore recommend that you care for your skin regularly, even when there are no flare-ups.

7 tips for basic care for neurodermatitis

  1. Apply suitable cream for basic care 1-2 times daily
  2. Choose cream with moisturizing ingredients (glycerin, evening primrose oil)
  3. Avoid triggers (e.g. cleaning products, fragrances)
  4. Don’t bathe for too long
  5. Increase the effect with moist, oily compresses
  6. Choose skin-friendly clothing
  7. Apply cream regularly (!), even without eczema

Depending on the skin type, the basic care product should be applied 1-2 times a day - even when there are no flare-ups, even if there is no acute eczema. When buying the basic cream, look for ingredients such as glycerin, evening primrose oil and urea. However, urea is not recommended as an active ingredient for babies and small children, as it can burn the skin. Moist compresses can further increase the effect. If you have neurodermatitis, use the mildest possible cleaning products, shower gels and shampoos without fragrances or preservatives. Avoid hot water and showering too often to avoid further irritating the skin. Children with proven atopic dermatitis should also not bathe for longer than 5-10 minutes. Avoid irritating clothing and allergens that can be trigger factors, such as fragrances, dyes or preservatives. In acute flare-ups, the basic care product can be supplemented by the use of glucocorticoids (cortisone) or calcineurin inhibitors (e.g. tacrolimus). This step should be discussed with your doctor and only prescribed by them. Even then, the basic care should continue to be used daily.

For basic care, we recommend our basic cream with 5% evening primrose oil and high-quality vegetable glycerin. You can read all the reviews of the basic cream here.

Alina Merkau

With das boep I'm finally no longer afraid of doing something wrong, my daughter's delicate skin tolerates the products wonderfully. What's more, the natural baby smell that we love so much is emphasized and not perfumed away. That's how it should be.

Alina Merkau, moderator


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