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PETA Vegan Award Beauty 2023 Winner “Best Vegan Face Cream”

Our med base cream was awarded the PETA Award in the category “Best Vegan Face Cream” by PETA Germany – of course we don’t want to keep this from you! You can find out exactly what this is all about and what makes our base cream so special in this blog post.

1. Who is PETA Germany eV and what is behind it?

2. What is the PETA Vegan Award Beauty?

3. Best vegan face cream – what makes the base cream so special?

Who is PETA Germany eV and what is behind it?

PETA Deutschland eV was founded at the end of 1993 and is Germany's largest animal rights organization that works to expose animal cruelty, educate the public, and promote a mindful and respectful way of life. They focus above all on competence and transparency. The non-profit organization uses a variety of awards to compare different brands and companies every year and selects particularly innovative, sustainable, and animal-friendly products in the respective product category. [1]

What is the PETA Vegan Award Beauty?

Since 2021, PETA Germany has also been honoring the best vegan cosmetic products in the beauty sector every year with the Vegan Award . They want to support companies that offer products that are both vegan and cruelty-free. The products are evaluated according to a variety of criteria such as effectiveness, fragrance, skin feel and innovation of the products. Our med base cream was named the best vegan face cream out of a total of 24 different categories!

Best vegan face cream – what makes the basic cream so special?

The base cream from our med series is a rich care cream without fragrances and was developed by our founder and doctor Michaela in collaboration with bioanalyst Anni from @annisbuntewelt for very sensitive skin. With its clean, reduced formula, the cream is suitable both as a face cream and as a daily basic care product for very dry, itchy skin, such as neurodermatitis or rosacea. The med base cream is vegan and combines ingredients that have been proven in medicine with the best from nature. With 5% organic evening primrose oil and vegetable glycerin, the cream provides an extra portion of moisture.


About Peta Deutschland eV 2018. Online at: (20.12.2023)

med Serie Dr. Michaela Hagemann und Anni von Annisbuntewelt

Biologist and bioanalyst Anni, who shares her knowledge of cosmetic ingredients on Instagram under the name @annisbuntewelt, supported boep founder and doctor Michaela in developing the cream. Together they wanted to develop a care cream for problem skin that was as clean and effective as possible,
at the same time meets the highest natural cosmetics standards. No sooner said than done: with our boep med base cream, the first product for very sensitive skin moved into our shop at the beginning of 2023. Since then, the med series has grown steadily and we can already reveal this much: more products will follow!

ANNI & Michaela


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