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Gifts for pregnant women – 6 loving ideas for expectant moms and dads

What do you give a pregnant colleague, friend, sister-in-law or dad-to-be? Here are six lovely gift ideas that will put a smile on the face of every expectant mother and father.

1. mom to be calendar – countdown calendar with 12 gifts for the last 12 weeks of pregnancy

2. Natural cosmetics care set for pregnant women – special care for the baby bump

3. Pregnancy diary – record memories and special milestones

4. Voucher for a pregnancy massage – to feel good & relax

5. Individual care package – favorite snacks and vitamins for mom & baby

6. Time together - voucher for a shared breakfast

mom to be calendar – countdown calendar for the last 12 weeks of pregnancy

Our personal favorite among the gift ideas: Our mom to be calendar as a special gift for the last 12 weeks of pregnancy. The lovingly designed calendar not only makes the wait for the baby more pleasant and equips the recipient with hand-picked and useful products, but its elegant design is also a real eye-catcher!

The best part is that you can open one box each week: from baby almond oil to bath oil and body butter as well as some products from carefully selected partner brands, there is something for both the expectant mother and the baby!

Natural cosmetics for pregnant women – special care sets for the baby bump

Skin care products are always a good idea, even during pregnancy! Because the growing belly in particular needs a lot of attention during pregnancy, be it through daily oiling and creaming or regular plucking massages, which are intended to stimulate blood circulation and cell regeneration of the skin.

But it's not just the belly that benefits from loving care. Other parts of the body that are particularly stressed during pregnancy, such as the legs, feet and back, also benefit from a little massage with a soothing body butter or a skin-tightening body oil .

Did you know that you can also order both products from us in a pretty gift set as a "Mommy Pampering Set" ?

boep natural cosmetics for pregnant women Pregnancy oil and body butter for expectant mothers

Pregnancy diary – capture memories and special milestones

A pregnancy diary is a wonderful gift that gives expectant parents the opportunity to record their thoughts, feelings and experiences of the many exciting milestones of pregnancy: from ultrasound images, the growing baby bump to all the emotional highs and lows of each week. Pregnancy diaries with plenty of space for photos and personal notes are particularly nice.

Voucher for a pregnancy massage – to feel good & relax

In the last trimester of pregnancy, the uterus becomes quite cramped as the baby needs more and more space and therefore increasingly displaces the organs in the abdomen. In addition, towards the end of the pregnancy, the baby gradually moves deeper into the pelvis. These changes often lead to tension and pain in the back area, which can be particularly unpleasant and stressful for expectant mothers.

Pregnancy massages can work wonders during this time. They not only help reduce back pain, but also improve blood circulation at the same time. It is important that these massages are only carried out by trained professionals to ensure the safety of mother and child.

Individual care package – favorite snacks and vitamins for mom & baby

Another individual gift idea: a self-assembled gift box filled with little gifts. Above all, mom and baby can always use lots of healthy favorite snacks and vitamins during pregnancy. Add to that maybe a good book or magazine, a lip balm or a nourishing hand cream - and you've got a great combination!

Time together - voucher for a shared breakfast

Last but not least: The best gift is and remains time spent together! Surprise the expectant mother and/or father, for example, with breakfast together at your home or in your favorite café. A listening ear, valuable tips from friends or simply a little distraction from everyday life are particularly valuable in this exciting phase of life.

Our tip

For the first few weeks

We have put together the set " Baby's first weeks ", which contains all the care products you need in the first weeks and months:

Baby Erstausstattung Set von das boep

I am convinced by the overall package of natural ingredients, beautiful packaging and a great scent. Added to that is the trust in founder Michaela as a doctor and mother of two. With das boep I am sure that I am doing something good for my baby.

Alexa von Heyden, author


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