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Washing children’s hair – this is how it works!

Older children, new needs - this also applies to the daily care routine for skin and hair. Important questions keep coming up: How often should I wash my child's hair, which shampoo is suitable for my child and what can I do if my child doesn't want to wash their hair? In this blog article we have summarized some tips on hair care for children for you.

Why is washing your hair so important?

A lot of dust and dirt accumulates in everyday life in the hair, especially in children. Washing your hair regularly but not too often ensures good scalp hygiene and a healthy scalp flora. At the same time, the children gradually learn a healthy level of personal hygiene that they can gradually adopt independently.

How often should I wash my child's hair?

Since children's hair does not tend to get greasy quickly, washing it once or twice a week is usually enough. Of course, other factors also play a decisive role, such as whether your child does a lot of sport or has played in the dirt. Then the hair can be washed more often, perhaps even simply rinsed with water.

Baby shampoo, children’s shampoo or normal shampoo – which shampoo is right for my child?

Practical, well tolerated and mild – these are the things you should look for when choosing a shampoo.

Children's shampoos that are specially formulated for the needs of children usually meet these requirements. They are much milder than shampoos for adults, as the scalp is even more sensitive than that of us adults. Also make sure that the shampoo has been dermatologically tested. You will usually find this designation directly on the front.

To avoid tears during washing, it is important to choose a shampoo that ideally does not sting the eyes. Is your child still having difficulty washing? Use combination products for skin and hair - this way, everything is done in one go.

Did you know that our kids shampoo meets all of these requirements? Shower and bath fun included! The shampoo cleans gently and smells subtle and fresh - of course without synthetic fragrances.

What should I do if my child doesn’t want to wash his hair?

We all know the challenge when it comes to washing our kids' hair and sometimes it can be very stressful for everyone involved. Perhaps one or two tips from our team will help you make the care routine pleasant and varied in the future:

  1. Protect your eyes and avoid unpleasant burning sensations : A washcloth can help you to prevent the shampoo from running into your eyes when you rinse. If your kids want a little more adventure, how about diving goggles?!
  2. Bath instead of shower : Take advantage of the relaxed atmosphere when bathing – the children can sit comfortably and lay their heads back while rinsing. With a bubble bath or bath water color, you usually can't get the kids out of the water ;)
  3. Let your child do the work themselves : Children love to do small jobs on their own. So why not wash their hair too? Depending on their age, you should of course have them accompanied to make sure their hair is really clean at the end. With younger children, you can just let them play with the foam for a bit while you do it - distraction can sometimes work wonders!
  4. No more annoying pulling : Use our Kids Conditioner and/or our Kids Easy Comb Spray to make hair easier to comb after washing, without any pulling.

Do you have any other tips? Let us know :)

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