the boep as a guest in podcasts


Here you will find the podcasts in which the boep founder Dr. Michaela Hagemann or her brother and co-founder Tilman Kreuder were guests. Simply listen to the podcast episodes on the platform of your choice. You have your own podcast and would like to have them both as guests? Then simply write an email to our PR contact person Leonie !


In the podcast THE MOMPANY, host Nora and boep founder Michaela talk about Michaela's desire to become a doctor, about her medical studies and how she then - quite unplanned - became an entrepreneur! In the meantime, the mother of three girls has mastered her role as managing director and a part-time job as a doctor at the same time.


In the MamAcademy podcast, host Rieke and boep founder Michaela talk about typical skin changes during pregnancy and after birth and what you should look out for in summer for you and your baby.

five to one

In the "Five to One" podcast, Stephanie Hielscher interviews five different guests on the same topic. Michaela was a guest in her series of interviews on the subject of "care and cosmetics".

fair talk

Michaela was a guest in Marisa Becker's sustainability podcast, who is also known on Instagram as @mysustainableme .


Tilman was a guest in Birte Gerhardt's do-gooder podcast. There she talks to interesting people about social projects, sustainability and innovations.


Michaela was a guest in Fabian Rausch's podcast. He describes his goodpreneurs podcast as a source of inspiration and feedback for entrepreneurs who want to change the world for the better.