ÖKO-TEST seal for baby cream and baby balm

ÖKO-TEST has been independently and objectively examining a wide variety of products and services for around 30 years. So far, four boep products have been tested by ÖKO-TEST: the boep baby shampoo (yearbook children and family 2019 - seal no longer valid), the boep baby cream (magazine 10/2020), the boep baby balm (magazine 11/2021) and the boep bubble bath (Magazine 04/2023). All received the test result "very good" .

baby cream

In autumn 2020, the ÖKO-TEST magazine (issue 10/2020) tested around 22 baby care creams and rated the boep baby cream with shea butter and almond oil as "very good". Free from questionable ingredients, our cream scored points for velvety soft "smooches".

ÖKO-TEST also asked experts how much care baby skin really needs – because parents, doctors and midwives often disagree on this. The round table of European dermatologists now recommends creaming baby skin around 2 times a week from the second or third week of life - preferably after bathing.

The care creams can ensure a balanced moisture balance and strengthen the natural protection of the skin. While many babies have great, healthy skin, there are also some babies with dry, rough patches of skin or with more complex skin needs such as eczema. We recommend: Get to know your baby's skin first and use care products as needed.

Here you can find the boep baby cream with ÖKO-TEST very well

baby balm

ÖKO-TEST (Magazine 11/2021) recently examined around 20 wind and weather creams - and our boep baby balm can be happy about the top rating "very good".

In autumn and winter, sensitive skin is stressed by frosty temperatures and wind outside, and by dry, heated air inside. Wind and weather creams protect the skin and strengthen the skin's own natural protective film with fats and oils.

ÖKO-TEST examined the ingredients of 20 weather creams and deducted points from paraffins and nanoparticles, among other things. Of course, our vegan wind and weather balm does not contain paraffins, mineral oils or nanoparticles - and was able to convince the jury.

Our wind and weather balm is suitable for babies, toddlers and children with sensitive skin. Of course, all mums and dads can also use it on their faces and lips in frosty temperatures (e.g. in the mountains)!

Here you will find the wind and weather balm from das boep