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Solid shampoo or hair soap - what's the difference?

If you want to save plastic in your hair care, there is usually no way around them: hair soaps and solid shampoos (also solid shampoo or shampoo bar). But what is the difference between the two plastic-free hair care alternatives? We explain in our blog post.

Solid shampoo and hair soap have one thing in common: They are the more environmentally friendly alternatives to liquid shampoos, as they do not need plastic packaging and are particularly economical. They are also particularly suitable for travel and fit easily in any hand luggage. However, the two plastic-free hair care products differ fundamentally in terms of their composition and application.

What is the difference between shampoo bar and hair soap?


A solid shampoo contains all the ingredients of a liquid shampoo except water. The dry shampoo bar bar becomes easy lathered with hands on damp hair . Natural surfactants , usually based on sugar or coconut, provide the cleansing foam in natural cosmetics. Natural oils provide the extra portion of care. The shampoo is rinsed out as usual and leaves supple, well-groomed hair.


Hair soaps consist of natural oils (e.g. olive oil, argan oil), most of which are "saponified" with a lye. The reason for this is the slightly acidic pH value of our skin, which is cleaned with alkaline soap (slightly increased pH value). Many soaps draw you degree of refatting out of; this describes the percentage of oil that has not been saponified to condition skin and hair. Depending on the lime content and mineral composition of the tap water, the hair soap washes out differently. Around An "acidic rinse" is recommended to wash out soap and oil residues that weigh down the hair . The water and vinegar rinse (approx. 1-2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to 1 liter of water) closes the roughened hair again and makes it easier to comb.


We are convinced of the use of solid shampoos because they do not leave any weighing soap residue in the hair. That's why we created our shampoo bar .

🌱 100% vegan and natural

🌿 Without perfume and plastic

👩‍👩‍👧‍👧 For children and adults

💆🏽‍♀️ Suitable for the sensitive scalp

Smaller Tip : If you change your hair care routine, your hair will need some time to get used to the change. If your tips feel a bit drier than usual during the changeover period, you can work natural almond oil into your hair tips. To do this, rub a few drops of almond oil in your hands and massage gently into towel-dried hair.

What do you prefer to use - hair soap or solid shampoo? Write us in the comments!

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  • Verena
    VerenaMarch 29, 2023

    Ich benutze auch gerne feste Shampoos, damit komme ich super gut klar

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