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Product test: Kids Shampoo and Kids Conditioner

Bigger children, new needs - that's exactly what gave us the inspiration for the new kids series in our range! But even delicate children's hair doesn't need much and less is actually more! That's why we wanted to develop a particularly mild shampoo for kids alongside our baby shampoo, which can also be used as a shower gel, spreads effortlessly on skin and hair and is easy to wash off. The kids shampoo combines perfectly with our kids conditioner and puts an end to the subsequent "tugging" when combing!

After a few months, we naturally wanted to know how you and your kids reacted to the two products and so we surveyed around 70 product testers. Of course, we don't want to withhold their results and experiences from you. ⇣

First, we asked them how satisfied they were with both products on a scale of 1 to 5. We are very happy with the result. On average, both the Kids Shampoo and the Kids Conditioner were rated with a satisfaction rating of 4.4.

The kids shampoo cleans really well and thoroughly after a long summer day with all kinds of residue in the hair and on the skin. I think it's perfect because you can also use it as a shower gel. And it smells so good. The only downside is that it runs out much too quickly because it's so loved here! - Barbara


The testers were particularly impressed by the delicate scent experience and the consistency of both products. The kids shampoo impresses with a subtle, fresh scent of organic marigold extracts and organic aloe vera. The fine scent of the kids conditioner is made up of high-quality, natural ingredients such as shea butter, jojoba oil and aloe vera.

The typical Boep scent is just soooo good! We have a lot of your products and love them all - Anja

My daughter loves the scent and the ease of combing her hair after washing. I love (as always) the design of the packaging! - Franziska


The effectiveness and the feeling of the hair after application are also impressive according to the feedback from the testers:

The combability after washing is great - honestly our favorite aspect - Hannah

After the first application, the hair was already very soft and it did not burn my eyes - Hafida

The shine of the hair is simply great! - Ines

The hair feels softer even when wet and can be combed through easily and without pulling. When dry, it is very soft and smooth, simply perfect - Barbara

I tested it on 2 children with different hair textures (1 long and curly, 1 straight and very fine), it worked great for both! It also improved combability for both of them - Shannon


But it wasn't just the inner values ​​that convinced our testers; the simple, cheerful design of the products also seems to be well received by you and your families.

The design of the packaging is pleasantly subtle and simple and looks pretty in the bathroom - J.

The packaging looks very pretty - Ulrike

The bottle looks very nice. Our three-year-old daughter carried it around with her for at least two days because she also found the bottle so pretty - S.

We have taken to heart the wish of many testers and customers for a maxi size for the whole family. That's why you can now find the family shampoo as a 500ml pump bottle for young and old in our shop - have you discovered it yet?

We would like to thank all testers for taking the time to give us detailed, honest feedback. We are overwhelmed by the many positive responses and are particularly pleased that the two products are so popular with kids too!
Best regards from the boep team


Our tip

Our Kids Series

🌿 Vegan & natural

💦 Provides rich care and long-lasting moisture

🌈 For dry, brittle hair and for long hair that tangles easily

✨ Pleasantly fresh scent

✖️ Without silicone

To the Kids Series
Naturkosmetik für Kinder das boep Kids Serie


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