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Product test: bath oil

Around 30 product testers had the opportunity to test the boep baby bath oil extensively - and that is the feedback. ⇣

The boep bath oil in a product test

"The oil smells very good, but subtle and is very well tolerated. My daughter has sensitive skin, but she tolerates the bath oil very well, her skin is well cared for and is very soft without having to apply cream afterwards." (Maria)

"What I like best is the scent, it seems very light. The consistency when getting into the bath and the skin feeling after bathing. The skin feels cared for, but not sticky. In combination with the boep baby cream and the almond oil , there are dry spots our baby became weaker after a few uses and finally went away." (Anja)

"It smells wonderfully subtle, there is no layer of oil on the bath water, the child does not 'slip' out of your hand, it leaves a wonderfully soft skin, accidental contact with the eyes is no problem, beautiful and high-quality bottle." (Isabell)

Many of the product testers were enthusiastic about the scent of our baby bath oil , which makes us very happy! After all, we believe that good, natural ingredients in no way exclude a pleasant, subtle scent. The baby bath oil was our first product and since then has been the model for all other boep baby care products with its natural fragrance composition. The scent of our baby bath oil rounds off the bath and lets you and your little ones smell delicate - without overpowering the natural scent.

Our baby bath oil cares with organic jojoba oil and almond oil and ensures velvety soft skin from head to toe. Our product testers were also able to convince themselves of this. The bath oil spreads easily in the bath water and ensures an all-round great splashing experience without many ingredients.

Experiences with the boep baby bath oil from product testers

"This is the first product where we can really say that we don't have any red spots and reactions on our skin. We love it and if we had known that earlier we would have switched to this a long time ago. Thank you for having [the bath oil ] were allowed to test!" (Tanya)

"After the bath, my skin felt supple but not greasy. I described it to friends as the skin feeling as soft and smooth as marble. I particularly like the fact that my hair doesn't get greasy, even when you hold it rinsed off with the bathwater. I think with the bath oil I can bathe my (sweating) child more often with a clear conscience. It seems to be good for his skin." (Anna Lena)

"My daughter struggles with dry patches/eczema, especially in winter, so not every product is suitable for her. But the bath oil from boep - as well as various other products from boep - she tolerates really well!! And also One day after bathing, the skin still feels wonderfully cared for! So I really recommend it. :)" (Marie)

"The oil is very light and has a subtle scent. My daughter loves the scent that she wants to smell it all day. When bathing, it spreads very pleasantly and evenly in the water, and after bathing the child has a silky soft feeling skin, but no greasy film on the skin." (ama)

100% of the product testers would recommend our boep baby bath oil and that is the best feedback we could get! If you would like to test our baby bath oil, you can order it in a glass bottle (125ml) or in a mini size (30ml) .

Greetings from the boep team

Alina Merkau

Bei das boep habe ich endlich keine Angst mehr etwas falsch zu machen, die zarte Haut meiner Tochter verträgt die Produkte ganz wunderbar. Außerdem wird der natürliche Babygeruch, den wir so lieben, unterstrichen und nicht wegparfümiert. So soll es sein.

Alina Merkau, Moderatorin


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