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This is what the Cosmos Natural seal stands for

From the very beginning it was important to us to develop a care range that cares naturally - without the use of mineral oils, silicones, parabens, paraffins, PEGs or synthetic fragrances. But in the product jungle of brands, one often loses track of which products are actually "genuinely" natural and which only suggest this through individual, natural ingredients.

When can a product call itself "natural cosmetics"?

This is not a protected term. Only the certification of independent, renowned testing institutes, which take a closer look and evaluate the packaging materials in addition to the ingredients, gives both the manufacturer and the customer security.

After the skin compatibility of our products had already been tested by independent dermatologists and awarded the DERMA test seal , we decided to also have the ingredients checked - and chose the COSMOS NATURAL seal for this: the recognition of European, cooperating associations - including them the German non-profit association BDIH 1 – who created an international standard for controlled natural cosmetics with the COS metic Organic Standard (COSMOS) and enjoy a high reputation.

How does a certification work?

When a product is brought onto the market, it is registered with the institute and sent there with the necessary documents. The manufacturing company must be known to the institute, because the production and storage is checked and evaluated annually by a trained, independent auditor on site. Any change in the recipe or the packaging must be documented and communicated - we really commit ourselves to absolute transparency with this step.

Why did you choose COSMOS Natural?

When choosing the natural cosmetics seal, it was particularly important to us that the requirements go beyond the mere obligation to use natural ingredients in cosmetic products: COSMOS also looks at the packaging materials and questions the type of cultivation of individual ingredients (for example for palm oil). For example, since the beginning of 2019 it has been mandatory that palm oil may only be obtained from sustainable cultivation.

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Bei das boep habe ich endlich keine Angst mehr etwas falsch zu machen, die zarte Haut meiner Tochter verträgt die Produkte ganz wunderbar. Außerdem wird der natürliche Babygeruch, den wir so lieben, unterstrichen und nicht wegparfümiert. So soll es sein.

Alina Merkau, Moderatorin


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