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The boep started as Michaela's personal " baby oil project ", but now our range offers natural care products for the whole family! Get to know all the care series now.

Mineralische Sonnencreme von das boep

Sun care

Our mineral sunscreens for babies, children and adults are vegan and compliant with the Hawaiian Reef Law. They do not contain chemical UV filters and instead protect with a purely mineral zinc oxide filter. Our sunscreens are easy to spread and provide immediate protection after application. Our Sensitive sunscreen is suitable for sensitive skin of all ages and is available with SPF30 and SPF50 .

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medizinische Hautpflege gegen sehr sensible Haut und Neurodermitis von das boep

med series

Developing natural care products for real problem skin has long been a concern of boep founder and doctor Michaela. While medical skin care ranges often rely on synthetic, conventional ingredients, natural cosmetics are often accused of using too many potentially allergenic substances. In the med range, we are combining these terms for the first time, using only well-tolerated ingredients from nature and integrating them into very reduced, clean recipes.

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Kinder Pflegeprodukte von das boep

Kids Hair Care

As hard as it may be: all babies grow up (far too quickly). Michaela's daughters, who were in primary school, also suddenly didn't want to use baby shampoo anymore. So she quickly developed three new products that she likes to use with her children: the Kids Shampoo , the Kids Conditioner and theEasy-Comb Spray !

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Baby mit Babywundcreme von das boep

Baby care

We think babies have great skin! And they should keep it that way. That is why the ingredients for our certified natural cosmetics are selected with particular care. Tried and tested ingredients such as almond oil, shea butter, cocoa butter and calendula soothe and care for the delicate skin for a long time. Sore bottoms, dry skin, rough cheeks, cold weather ÔÇô
Our care series is prepared for every situation!

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Naturkosmetik Pflegeserie von das boep


With Michaela's second pregnancy, the time had come for another product category and she carefully developed a care oil for the belly. And because the doctor likes to believe in facts, the recipe was optimised until clinical effectiveness could be proven. Our body oil leads to noticeably firmer skin when used regularly. And so that the oil doesn't feel alone, a body butter and a shower gel complement the care range: for precious moments of well-being that you definitely can't get enough of as a pregnant woman or as a mother!

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