Congratulations on the birth

Congratulations on the birth

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Which natural cosmetics for newborn care? We tell you what you really need at the beginning.

Newborn care tips

Baby skin is particularly susceptible to external influences because it is still very thin and its protective barrier has yet to mature. Therefore, she does not need many care products at the beginning. We give you a few tips for newborn care along the way. "Continue reading

Immediate help for a sore baby bottom

Immediate help for a sore bottom

Is your baby's diaper area sore and the skin around the buttocks irritated and red? Physician and founder Dr. In our blog post, Michaela Hagemann gives helpful tips on how you can quickly help a sore baby bottom and prevent irritation in the future. "Continue reading

What is the difference between head gneiss and cradle cap? We explain it in our blog post.

Baby massage tips

Baby massages are not only a blessing for babies, but also create bonding moments between you. In this article, doctor and founder Michaela explains what needs to be considered for baby massages, which massage oil is best suited and much more. "Continue reading