Conditions of participation for Facebook and Instagram sweepstakes

1. Organizer

(1) The organizer of the sweepstakes is the

das boep GmbH
Barbarossa ring 27
55118 Mainz

hereinafter referred to as “das boep”.

The boep offers competitions on the technical platform of Facebook/Instagram in its own name and for its own purposes.

(2) None of the das boep sweepstakes have any legal or actual connection to Facebook/Instagram and are neither sponsored nor supported nor organized by Facebook/Instagram. Partner of all competitions is exclusively the boep.

(3) There are still no claims against Facebook/Instagram from any das boep sweepstakes.

2. Participation and Period

(1) All persons who are at least 18 years old at the time of participation, have a Facebook/Instagram account and are resident in Germany or Austria are eligible to participate. Employees of das boep and their relatives are excluded from participation. Participation via lottery agencies or automatic participation services is also excluded.

(2) Participation in das boep sweepstakes is free of charge.

(3) The rules for conducting the competitions are described on the boep Facebook/Instagram page. Any deviating rules there take precedence over these Conditions of Participation.

(4) Participation is not dependent on the purchase of goods or the use of a service from das boep. Purchasing a product or using a service therefore does not increase the chances of winning.

(5) Participation in a competition does not entail any obligation to use certain services or to consent to advertising measures.

3. Announcement of Winners and Acceptance of Prizes

(1) The winners will be determined after the end of the competition no later than 14 days after the end of the participation period and announced on the boep Facebook/Instagram page or contacted directly by boep.

(2) The participants will inform themselves independently about the winner announced on the boep Facebook/Instagram page. After the announcement, the winners have 21 calendar days to send their address, first name and last name to boep in a personal Facebook/Instagram message. In the event of no or late notification, the prize will be forfeited and another winner will be chosen from among the other participants.

(3) In case of doubt, the latest rules and information on the Facebook/Instagram page of das boep apply.

(4) With the prize, boep awards the promised gift and is therefore not subject to any special product liability.

4. Early Termination, Disqualification

(1) das boep reserves the right to end or interrupt any competition at any time without prior notice and without giving reasons. This applies in particular in the event that circumstances arise that seriously disrupt or prevent the competition from running as planned. In such a case, the participants are not entitled to any claims against boep.

(2) boep is entitled to exclude individual participants from competitions and not to distribute prizes to these persons or to reclaim them from them if there are legitimate reasons, in particular a breach of these conditions of participation.

5. Prizes / Prizes

(1) The profit from the sweepstakes consists exclusively of the amount specified by das boep on the das boep Facebook/Instagram page. The winner will not incur any costs for and/or through the use of the prize. (Follow-up) costs incurred by das boep will not be reimbursed. A cash payment of the prize value or an exchange of the prize is excluded.

(2) The prize cannot be transferred to other persons until the competition has been completed and the prize has been sent.

6. Dispatch of Prize

(1) The prize will be sent to the address provided by the winner to boep by post or parcel at no cost to the winner.

(2) If the address given is not correct or if the prize cannot be delivered for other reasons that lie within the winner's sphere of risk, there is no right to have it sent again.

7. Determination of Winnings

(1) The winner will be determined from all declarations of participation received in good time. If it is necessary to submit a correct answer, the winner will be determined from among the correct answers submitted in good time.

(2) Each participant only takes part in a specific competition with the first declaration of participation or answer, so that multiple use of the comment function or multiple submission of an answer has no effect on the chance of winning.

8. Data protection / handling of personal data

(1) All personal data (first name, last name, Facebook/Instagram username and address) are collected, processed and used in accordance with the applicable data protection laws exclusively in connection with a published competition. The personal data to be provided as part of this competition is used exclusively to determine and notify the winner, to compare boep employees and to send the prize. The personal data is only stored until the purpose of its collection, processing and use has been fulfilled. If, on the other hand, boep is obliged to observe retention periods under commercial or tax law, the storage period can be up to 10 years. The data will only be passed on to third parties (post office or courier companies) if they are commissioned with the delivery/dispatch.

2) By participating in the das boep competitions, the participants declare that they agree to the publication of their name in accordance with Section 3.

(2) The participants have the right to object to the storage of the personal data specified above at any time. It is sufficient to send an e-mail to the e-mail address info@dasboep.de. The participant is aware that with the objection, a waiver of participation in the competition and thus the chance of winning is automatically declared.

9. Exclusion of legal recourse

(1) German law applies.
(2) Legal recourse is excluded.
(3) das boep reserves the right to adapt the conditions of participation to new circumstances at any time, particularly in the case of technical or legal changes.

das boep GmbH
Barbarossa ring 27
55118 Mainz


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