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Product test: easy combing spray

When we developed our Kids Easy Comb Spray , it was initially intended to be a limited edition. But your first reactions indicated that you wanted it to be part of the range permanently. So we collected your feedback and it showed very clearly - the Easy Comb Spray must stay ! We have summarized your opinions here. ⇣

A total of 89 buyers sent us their feedback after extensively testing the easy-comb spray. Even though the easy-comb spray was developed as part of kids' hair care, just under half use it (also) for themselves.

We asked them how satisfied they were with the detangling spray on a scale of 1 to 5 - and the average speaks for itself! On average, satisfaction was rated at 4.6. Would they buy the detangling spray again? Oh yes! Here too, it impressed with an average of 4.5.

Most testers liked the spray especially because of its detangling effect and were convinced by its better combability .

"My daughter (2 years old) has so much hair and it's already so long that it was always a struggle to comb her hair because of the knots. I'm so excited about the easy-combing spray because everything has been running smoothly since then. The spray really only needs to take effect for a short moment and then the brush glides through the hair like butter. I really hope that the spray stays in the range." (Jennifer)

"After a short period of time, you can easily comb your hair and it will still be nice and soft afterwards." (Anna)

"The hair is easy to comb through, no pulling and no fuss. We used it every day for 3 weeks on holiday and it was brilliant. What's also great is that the hair doesn't stick together. That was always the case with our previous sprays, that the hair at the back of the head under the top hair was greasy. With your spray, that's no longer the case - I use it too :-)!" (Nadine)

"It smells good and actually makes combing easier if you let it soak in for a short time. My daughter (5 years old) has wavy and thick hair down to her bottom and combing was always a drama until now. Thanks to the spray, there is hardly any pulling anymore." (Christin)

But the good ingredients also convinced you and were frequently mentioned in the answers.

"I have a good feeling about the ingredients and it's really easy to get through despite having highlighted hair. I think it's good that it doesn't contain any plasticizers." (Annelore)

"The big advantage is that the boep easy combing spray does not contain any harmful ingredients." (Karin)

"No frills and really natural; it works really well - the best of all the sprays we have used so far!" (Christiane)

Many of you were also pleased that the easy-comb spray was developed without a scent ! They complained about the "cotton candy scent" (Miriam) that some other comb-ability sprays have and that ours doesn't leave a long-lasting smell in the hair.

We also asked what we could improve on the easy-combing spray and a large proportion of the testers agreed - the typical boep scent is missing ! Even though many of you thought the neutral scent was great, almost a third wanted a version with the "wonderful, typical smell of boep" (Karolina) . No sooner said than done - from now on the easy-combing spray is also available in a scented version !

The easy combing spray from das boep in the versions with and without fragrance

We would like to thank everyone who took part in our survey and thus significantly supported our product development! Thanks to you, we have not only kept a great product in our range, but have also added another one.

Best regards from the boep team


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