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Our vegan and certified natural cosmetics sunscreen family has won the PETA Vegan Travel Award 2021 and we are very happy! We used this occasion for a new product test and more than 200 product testers had the chance to test our mineral sunscreen family SPF30 . With this feedback, we have now been able to successfully revise the formula of our sunscreen and improve its applicability. We are really happy about the many enthusiastic responses and would like to share some of them with you today!

Find out here about the experiences with the boep sun cream family LSF30 from our product stars

"The smell of the cream smells like summer! Finally a cream that doesn't make the face very white and can even be used by children." (Ann Catherine)

"It's my favorite so far, I've already used a few mineral sunscreens. It only 'whitens' for a short time and can be spread very well. I also find the scent very convincing." (Lenna)

"The sunscreen is super easy to rub and apply. I think it's great that there's no thick white film of cream (ghost look) left behind." (Antje)

While 68% of the product testers had previously tested other mineral sunscreens, the other product testers had never used a sunscreen with a mineral filter in the past. Product testers who had previously tested other mineral sunscreens were positively surprised by the low whitening of our sunscreen family .

A few testers, who had not previously tested any mineral sunscreens, noticed a slight whitening. This is not unusual with mineral filters and it can also have the positive effect that you can see exactly where you have already applied cream!
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"Slightly mattifying, the sunscreen is not oily, sticky and shiny. It stays on during exercise and has a pleasant, light scent. I also really like that it's made from natural ingredients and is eco-friendly." (Marlene)

"The skin felt great after use and the smell wasn't that intense. Both children tolerated it very well and we always have to be very careful because both are prone to neurodermatitis." (Lioba)

"Very pleasant, subtle smell, spread well for a mineral sunscreen." (Caroline)

"The sunscreen was very easy to spread and didn't leave any white marks on the skin. The scent was very pleasant. The note came through only very slightly, as I know it from mineral sunscreens. My 4-year-old daughter also liked the scent. She reacts quite sensitively to unpleasant odours." (Denise)

The delicate, pleasant scent was also mentioned very frequently. But there were also a few testers who would rather use a fragrance-free sunscreen. For those, we also have a fragrance-free sunscreen Sensitive in our range with a sun protection factor of 30 - in the 100ml and a smaller 30ml tube - or with an extra high sun protection factor of 50 .

To mineral natural cosmetics sunscreen from das boep

"We all tolerated them well. Both I with sensitive skin, a baby with suspected neurodermatitis and a man with a sun allergy. It spreads well and doesn't whiten much." (Catherine)

"Feels pleasant on the skin. Not extremely greasy. My little son has skin that is prone to neurodermatitis and he tolerated it very well!" (Sabine)

We are very happy that our sunscreen family has arrived so well with you. For us as a team there is of course hardly anything nicer to hear. Thanks very much!

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