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Have you ever wondered where we produce our natural cosmetics? In this blog post, we use our baby shampoo and our shower gel as an example to show you how manufacturing, production and bottling work in the Allgäu.

Almost seven years ago, the siblings Michaela and Tilman founded boep with the aim of producing natural cosmetics for babies, children, pregnant women and the whole family in Germany. They developed the first natural baby care products together with a renowned natural cosmetics manufacturer from the Allgäu. Since then, the natural care series for the whole family, which combines high-quality ingredients and a pleasant, delicate fragrance, has been manufactured right there. Today we show you direct insights into the production and bottling of our products in the Allgäu.

The young founders of the baby care brand das boep in Allgäu, which stands for natural cosmetics from Germany

Doctor and mother Michaela developed the first products for her daughter's sensitive skin. She founded boep with her brother Tilman .

Click here for the SWR article about the boep and the entrepreneur Michaela Hagemann. The picture shows her at the manufacturer of natural cosmetics in the Allgäu

SWR accompanied us on our visit to our production facility in the Allgäu in the summer and filmed a report for SWR Aktuell Rheinland-Pfalz .

The best natural baby shampoo without tears and without silicone is available from the natural cosmetics brand das boep and is made in Germany

Our baby shampoo is one of the most popular boep products and is regularly freshly produced and bottled in the Allgäu.

Natural baby care products lovingly manufactured in the German Allgäu - made in Germany

How idyllic! Surrounded by meadows and fields, our natural cosmetics series is produced in the Allgäu. The first baby care products , such as bath oil and wound cream , have now been joined by a number of products for pregnant women and for the whole family . Our mineral sunscreen , body lotion , shampoo and bubble bath are suitable for sensitive skin - no matter what age!

Founder Michaela takes you to the Allgäu to see the production of boep natural cosmetics baby care products
The natural cosmetics from das boep are manufactured and bottled in Germany - in the Allgäu. This saves us unnecessary shipping routes out of love for the environment
This is how the boep baby hampoos are produced by our natural cosmetics manufacturer in Germany (Allgäu).
This is where the labels of the natural cosmetics baby shampoo for sensitive baby and children's skin are produced by our manufacturer in the Allgäu

After the shampoo is bottled and the lid is screwed on, the labels still have to be put on!

The vegan natural cosmetics baby shampoo without silicone for sensitive baby and children's skin in its production in the Allgäu, made in Germany

Four boep baby shampoos come in an outer carton: packaging is careful manual work here.

For more joy in the bathroom, there is the natural cosmetics shampoo, bubble bath and bath oil for babies and children, manufactured, produced and bottled in the Allgäu, i.e. in Germany

Tadaa, that's how you know our shampoo shower gel , which by the way is also available in travel size and family size !

Are you interested in even more insights into our production and our Mainz office? Then take a look at the article that SWR made about the boep. Have fun!

These bloggers and InstaMums recommend the natural baby care products from das boep

The boep quickly became an absolute favourite. The products smell subtly wonderful, comply with the strict guidelines for controlled natural cosmetics and look so beautiful too.

Isabel , blogger Little Years

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