Partner shops Germany


You can find our products throughout Germany in retail outlets from large partners and also in smaller concept stores. If you would like to offer our products, you can send us an email to

dm drugstore markets

You can find selected products in over 1800 branches in Germany and in 400 branches in Austria. In the dm online shop you can find out which products are in stock and where.

The boep sun cream at Rossmann

Rossmann drugstores

You can find our Sensitiv LSF30 sunscreen in all Rossmann branches in Germany.

basic organic supermarkets

You can find our products in around 19 basic stores in Germany and in 2 stores in Austria.

BabyOne specialist stores

You can find a large selection of our products in many specialist baby stores in Germany. Have a look!

A selection of other partner shops in Germany:

Collective Mainz

Local concept store

Neubrunnenstr. 13 | 55116 Mainz


Wirth | The children's shop

Kids concept store

Schillerstr. 36-40 | 55116 Mainz

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Mainz, of course

Health food store & bistro

Josefsstr. 65 | 55118 Mainz

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Family concept store

Luegallee 43 | 40545 Dusseldorf

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Online concept store

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laugh love live

Online concept store

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bib rest

"Treasures for Nature Children"

Metzgplatz 3 | 86150 Augsburg

Augusten pharmacy


Augustenstr. 103 | 18055 Rostock

Europe pharmacy

Europa-Allee 7-9 | 64625 Bensheim

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Stern Apotheke Kistenpfennig

Boppstr. 32 | 55118 Mainz

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Reischmann Pharmacy Bahnstadt

Da Vinci Str. 7 | 69115 Heidelberg

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Online concept store for cosmetics

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Everything for mom and baby

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Other partner shops:

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