Presenter Alina Merkau recommends the natural baby care products from das boep and likes to use them for her daughter's sensitive skin

With das boep I'm finally no longer afraid of doing something wrong, my daughter's delicate skin tolerates the products wonderfully. In addition, the natural baby smell that we love so much is underlined and not perfumed away. That's how it should be be it.

Alina Merkau, moderator

Blogger Mikaela from @staywonder.ful recommends the high-quality natural cosmetics for babies and children from das boep

With the boep I found wonderful natural cosmetics products for my daughter that we still use today. Not just for the little ones! I also use the products regularly and recommend them to everyone.

Mikela, blogger @staywonder.ful

Actress Nele Schepe recommends the vegan, natural baby care from das boep for babies and children

The products sweeten every minute on the changing table or in the bath. This makes caring for the little ones fun.

Nele Schepe, actress

The experience report with the boep by blogger Isabel Robles is very good

The boep quickly became an absolute favourite. The products smell subtly wonderful, comply with the strict guidelines for controlled natural cosmetics and look so beautiful too.

Isabel, blogger Little Years

Entrepreneur and managing director Christina Kaut recommends the natural baby care products from das boep, especially the baby shampoo, bath oil and baby cream

The enthusiasm for the boep jumped directly from Michaela to me. We haven't used anything else at home since then. Husband, kids and I are absolute boep fans and get into every present for a new baby in our circle of friends Shampoo, bath oil and the kissel cream.

Christina Kaut, Entrepreneur from Wuppertal

Friederike Bauer from Monday Morning recommends the boep wind and weather cream as a lip balm for babies, children and adults

Even as a non-mom I am a big fan of the boep products! Above all, the baby lotion as daily skin care and the baby balm as reliable protection against dry lips have become indispensable in the bathroom and handbag.

Friederike, co-founder Monday morning

Midwife Katharina recommends the natural baby care products from das boep for newborn care and initial equipment

As a midwife, I see many mothers and their newborns every day and am often asked which care products I can recommend without hesitation. the boep is finally a brand that absolutely convinces me. Valuable ingredients without frills and a great smell too. PS My son loves it too!

Catherine, midwife @kleos_diary

The experience report by blogger Tuba Ergün with the boep could not be more positive: she is happy to recommend the vegan natural cosmetics for babies and children

The overall package of natural ingredients, packaging and #smellssogood inspired me. I use the lotion not only for my baby's skin, but also for the "big ones". I love this scent and that's why got it both the lotion as a feel-good care after bathing.

Tuba Ergün, blogger @tubaerguen

das boep stands for high-quality natural cosmetics from Germany for the whole family

We have been using the boep for our kids for years. Even though the three are no longer babies, the cream always reminds me of babyhood. All products smell wonderful and look really great. I am also always very happy that Michaela and her wonderful team support our families at the Toni Kroos Foundation and provide the kids with great products. #giving joy of life together

Jessica Kroos, founder of the Toni Kroos Foundation

With the body lotion, Lotta's skin stays as soft as a baby's bottom. The products smell so good that you want to smell them all the time.

Marcel, blogger @dad_of_lotta

Blogger Teresa loves that boep is natural cosmetics for babies and children that are gentle and smell good

I've known boep from the start and was immediately enthusiastic about the history of the origins of the small but lovingly assembled German company. And what can I tell you - I fell in love immediately. In love with the design, the scent and above all the quality. Natural cosmetics - which can do something and smell delicious. It really is.

Teresa, blogger Little Lina's Journey

Blogger Yasemin @latokka keeps sensitive baby skin supple with boep's vegan baby care

Love at first boep. I really enjoy using the boep with my children. You can immediately feel the love in the products and it is a wonderful feeling to care for the baby's skin with the best of nature. The delicate scent and the indescribable suppleness are a daily wellness experience for me and the little ones.

Yasemin, blogger @latokka

Blogger Alexa Peng recommends the natural baby and child care products from das boep in Germany

I am convinced by the overall package of natural ingredients, beautiful packaging and a great scent. Added to this is the trust in founder Michaela as a doctor and mother of two. With das boep I am sure that I am doing something good for my baby.

Alexa, blogger Alexa Peng

Like the boep, Stephanie comes from Munich and is enthusiastic about vegan baby care

We know the boep from the beginning and are totally enthusiastic. Moritz has mild neurodermatitis. It was all the more difficult to find skin-friendly care products that also smelled good. We are happy to have found exactly that with boep.

Stephanie from Munich

Blogger Frauke loves the natural cosmetics for babies and children from das boep

I'm rarely so enthusiastic about an entire line. Natural cosmetics for the little ones, no fuss, which smells pleasant and behind which there is also so much heart and soul.

Frauke, blogger ekulele

Editor Simone Kraft is enthusiastic about the natural boep baby cream with almond oil

The baby cream from das boep is a miracle in a tube! Dry patches on the face, especially on the cheeks, are instantly softened. I have never experienced this so effectively and so quickly with any other baby care product.

Simone Kraft, Editor

Blogger Kristina Kolland recommends boep natural cosmetics

Natural cosmetics - why?
Because plant power simply cares better.

Kristina, blogger @die_kollands

In addition to the delicate fragrance, which my daughters love very much, as a mother I am particularly enthusiastic about the effective and pleasant care and the wonderfully thought-out care line.

Hannah , teacher

Midwife Christiane Hammerl uses natural baby care from das boep, which is based on almond oil

The baby cream from das boep has a delicate scent and is wonderful to apply to baby's cheeks. I recommend the boep as a midwife and use it myself as a mother of two girls.

Christiane Hammerl, midwife

Doctor Caroline praises the dermatologically tested skin compatibility of boep baby care

We have loved boep products since birth! I am incredibly enthusiastic about the unique smell and the wonderful skin compatibility. Not once did Caspar have any problems or dry skin.

Caroline, doctor @casparliebe

Experience reports with boep baby care from Germany are positive

Only the best for my family: the boep! Simply great inside and out.

Carlotta, blogger @callicarlchen

Blogger Bell recommends the natural cosmetics from das boep not only for babies and children, but for the whole family

For us, the boep is something for the whole family. It doesn't matter whether it's small or really big, everyone uses it.

Bell , blogger Some moments are golden