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Pregnancy in summer: tips from Dr. Renate Kirschner

The sun is shining and many friends and acquaintances are happy about the beautiful, sunny spring and the upcoming summer. But for many summer pregnant women and new moms, the heat brings unexpected questions and challenges. The expert and publisher of the BabyCare preventive program, Dr. Renate Kirschner answered the most important questions about pregnancy in summer in an interview.

Question : Can my baby get too hot in my tummy in the summer? Can my baby overheat? Does the stomach need special protection from the sun?

dr Kirschner : Yes, but not just because of the sun. The body temperature of the unborn child is always around half a degree higher than that of the mother. This is why fever is a problem during pregnancy and going to the sauna in very hot saunas is not recommended at the beginning of pregnancy.

Do you have any tips for summer pregnant women?

Especially in the summer months is on a adequate fluid intake be careful, it should be at least 2 liters a day. Unsweetened tea and diluted juice spritzers are also good alternatives. Avoid overheated rooms and direct sunlight, especially at lunchtime , because a pregnant woman's circulation is even more stimulated, especially in summer, and dizzy spells can occur.

How pregnant women get through the summer best

There are chemical and mineral sunscreens - which ones do you recommend for babies, pregnant and breastfeeding women?

These two types of sunscreen differ significantly in how they work. Chemical filters penetrate the skin and mineral filters (eg zinc oxide) lie on the skin. The latter block and reflect solar radiation. This results in a very clear recommendation to use sunscreen with mineral UV filters for mother and child. In addition, some chemical filters trigger allergies and sometimes act like hormones in the body. Breastfeeding mothers should also avoid this risk and use natural cosmetics .

dr Renate Kirschner is the publisher of the BabyCare prevention program, which has been providing mothers-to-be with scientifically sound advice for almost 20 years. Together with gynaecologists, midwives and paediatricians, she has put together an extensive manual on pregnancy and the guide " 999 answers about pregnancy, childbirth and the baby's first year ". Pregnant women can also find more tips and exciting articles in the BabyCare Blog or in ours magazine .

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